Ergo Posture Back Support Body Alignment System

Sit Straight • Stand Tall• Walk Strong

Ergo Posture Back Support

Ergo Posture Back Support - Wearable ergonomic back support and elastic resistance exerciser. Includes custom attachable backpack. Coming Soon!!!

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The Ergo Posture Back Support was specifically designed to improve desk posture. 
It lifts and holds the body in proper alignment, passively and actively conditions and strengthens supporting muscles, assisting you in developing strong posture. 

A simple method to achieve optimum alignment with ergonomic support

Build strength and better form with targeted conditioning exercises

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Tone and condition key muscles throughout your day. Increase flexibility, circulation and range of motion.


Designed to provide you with the most effective wearable tool.


Bonus: Comes with custom attachable silver mini backpack and foldable water bottle.


Download the APP and get all the Instruction and Training in the palm of your hand!



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